Invading Iceland and taking it over, since they have no Army.

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  1. Since Iceland has no standing army, Theoretically cant a group of Americans go and invade Iceland and take over?

    Lets say 500-100 Hutaree Army Militia.
  2. Right.....I'm sure nobody would have a problem with that....*rolls eyes*
  3. the British prob have first claim on that
  4. And we could get BP to cork the volcanoes.
  5. Are you going to start a lava commodities exchange?
  6. I wonder how long would it take once an invasion takes place before the US or Nato sends troops in.
  7. Not long. They are gaurenteed protection by both:
  8. Iceland, we wanted your cash, not your ash.
  9. How about an Icelandic NFL franchise. They could have the Raiders ...and all their fans, take the PHillies and Celtic fans while they're at it.
  10. Don't they have Vikings up there all over jdeuewudeiwhhed and dirieysuwodjeusysdj?
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