Intuitive surgical Inc.

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  1. Lately, this beast has been up and running every single day. It does not matter whether the markets are up or down. I keep on waiting for a pullback as an entry point, but it just never happened. Now im beating myself fro not holding my position from before the earnings call until today.
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    join the club -- i had a bunch of long calls on it back in july and closed it going into which point it exploded and I'd missed a $50K profit.

    now it's still on fire, but i am hesitant to dive in, given how much everyone is paying attention to it nowdays....but sure looks strong!
  3. What a dilemma, Dont wanna buy the top, and dont wanna leave money on the table,
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    Again, I could do something with single stock 1 ISRG SSF and buy an ATM/ITM put. As long as the spot price of ISRG rises past the price of the put, the it's all green - but the 340 put is $23.20 and that's a bit costly given what I suspect might be a soon-to-appear short-term top for ISRG after it's amazing runup these past weeks.

    Also, the margin on ISRG at $330 isn't low -- which is a consideration since I also trade ES and ER minis regularly.
  5. will go much higher

    I know how stocks work
  6. Thats what I have been thinking for two weeks.

    anyways good luck if you decide to take a position
  7. I know how everything works.

    I have a new favorite stock, I know more about this one than anyone in the whole wide world.

    I am thinking about becoming the CEO
  8. What the hell is that link
  9. ISRG is revolutionizing surgery
  10. and FGBRF.PK is revolutionizing ball bearings, MY kind of ball bearings. wink wink :D
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