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  1. Sometimes the night before a trading day I have a bad feeling about the next day. It's not that I am worried that it will be a down or up day, since I trade both long and short. It's just the feeling that I am going to screw up. This almost always turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as was the case last night and this morning. Probably the solution is to not trade when I feel this way, but I feel that I must. I started reading Trading In the Zone this weekend and completely agree with the author's contentions, but I'm not sure how to turn around my thinking.
  2. meditation teaches you to take control of your thoughts. Go sit in a room at your residence in complete silence and take control of your thoughts right now. Don't leave the room until you can think about nothing. That is the beginning of the new you.
  3. try holosync
  4. I think it's hard to force yourself to think about nothing. It's easier to focus on, and regulate, your breathing. That's probably the next best thing. I'm guessing that most forms of meditation guide you to focus on your breathing as a means of clearing your mind, with an emphasis of slower, deeper breathing from the abdomen.
  5. It is hard to do but you can still do it. Try using candles, oil and deep soothing music.
  6. I've had some interesting experiences w/ holosync, more negative then positive. I wouldn't recommend it, but according to their testimonials it's helped many. I've only used the 1st level.

    I like Dr Jeffery Thompson's cd's.

    Holosync is a rip off imo.