Introvert or Extrovert, which is more likely to be successful at trading?

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  1. Introvert or Extrovert,...which is more likely to be successful at trading?

    An extrovert will build a network of successful and similarly focused others,
    ....leverage their experience and insights to develop better strategies and
    trading methods.

    An introvert will have undisturbed time to oneself, time to learn from books,
    online courses, and build an approach unique to that individual.

    I have been told (by an introvert) that changing from an introvert to an extrovert is not possible, and that extroverts cannot understand such embedded personality traits. Also that either camp does not understand why the other cannot be like them.

    My thought is that doing whatever it takes to be successful would include such an ability to make profound changes. Simply, if a goal is important enough, any change is possible.

    Are there more successful introvert traders out there?... (no way of telling, as they are private, never would hear from them).

    Or are more successful traders by nature extroverts? ...learning from and sharing with other traders.

    Curious as to any thoughts. Thanks.
  2. maxinger


    no significant difference.

    most of them learn from professional talkers, professional writers,
    newbie/inexperienced traders, and not professional traders.
    so their minds will most likely be contaminated with all the wrong, false, lousy teachings.
    introverts and extroverts have to develop their own holy grail.

    Introverts and extroverts need to be able to manage their minds,
    stay calm and alert, and be disciplined.
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    Just become an ape.
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  4. I disagree with this statement.
    An extrovert will indeed build a network. But that network will not be limited to successful people only. Thus the extrovert person will be exposed to not helpful inputs, which could pull the extrovert away from reaching his/her goal.
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  5. newwurldmn


    either can use their strengths to build a profitable trading career.
  6. I believe both can be successful in their own right with proper edge. Since trading styles are different, it will have to match that traders personality. Idk but I might give a slight edge to the introvert who probably spent more time on this self discovery journey vs the extroverts reliance on a network (which is likely not 100% successful)
  7. KCalhoun


    Makes little difference imo... gets into causation vs correlation debate

    what matters most is using successful strategies consistently.

    I'd be looking at discipline, quantitative focus, risk management skills etc
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  8. VicBee


    I don't think introvert or extrovert are personality parameters that determine success in trading.
  9. if I remember correctly a conclusion from the Jack Schwager's market wizards books said they tend to be introverts.
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