Introductory sale of On-demand option research articles for ET members.

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  1. Hi. As a new vendor here at EliteTrader, I am pleased to announce the release of 3 new research reports available on a streaming basis at

    I invite you to take advantage of an introductory sale of 20% to the first 20 ET members. These reports cover topics such as option payoff expectation, trading using a stock's probability distribution ( an approach espoused by " market wizard " John Bender), ranking IV and HV, triple whammy of negative gamma trade-delta,vega, and vomma, spread comparos and backtest comparos.

    Of special interest, in light of record low Vix in the US Equities ( as of May 2017) is Rnd-003, our latest issue that has a backtest of a put selling strategy on the QQQ that wins 80% of the time.

    I hope you take advantage of this opportunity, please use coupon code "ETTraders" for the discount. Thanks.

  2. Good stuff, thanks gabriel!
  3. Hi. Rnd-004 just published. Kindly check it out at
    Rnd-004 covers a discussion of 2rd order greek- Charm- must see for backspreaders and short put vertical hedgers. This issue also covers a backtest study of buying 1 ATM QQQ straddle every day (max of 3 per expiration cycle) from June 1, 2016 till March 2017. Use coupon code "ETTraders" for a 20% discount. Thanks! :)
  4. Hello ET traders! Just published Rnd-005 which is a bundle of 3 research reports. This 57 minute collection of streaming videos covers a myriad of topics such as backtests on put selling on low vs hi IV / backspreads , high order greeks-- charm and vomma, implied volatility ranking, samples of market edges. Priced separately at $80 now available as a bundle 25% off at $60. Here is link to site.... THANKS :)