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    My name is, Rudy. I just wanted to introduce myself, since I am new to these forums. Not new to Forex, I’ve been trading live currency for over 5 years. Since then I lost and made, much money. When I first started trading live, I found myself trading at “random” with no real sense of direction. So I began to develop my own system, like many of you. It cost me thousands of dollars and countless hours, as I tested everything on real market conditions. After a couple years I created a system with rules and guidelines that worked in all market conditions. I mainly trade GBP/USD and occasionally EUR/USD. I prefer to stick to one currency, so that I can be most efficient and knowledgeable about the one currency, rather then trading 10 currencies and not having a strong sense of knowledge.

    Anyways I thought I would introduce myself. I look forward to hearing from everyone.