Introduction to Narcissism

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  1. From time to time ET presents an extraordinary opportunity to study an archetypical individual, a veritable avatar of symptomatology. A genius of literary psychology could not construct a protagonist with a more empyrean view of himself than:

    I have only started to analyze this magnificent specimen's postings, as I could not get past the first five before spontaneously purging at both ends. It will be my privilege to comment on the insights of this demigod of trading for as long as he or she continues to grace us with his brilliance. I begin with two antipodal hypotheses. First, that the person is an egomaniacal fraud. Second, that he is exactly what he represents himself to be. I believe that I am a sufficiently good trader and character analyst myself to be able eventually to discern the difference.

    This thread is not a place for idle chatter. It is an opportunity to dissect an amazing trading (or not) personality to all our benefits.

    I will begin by giving the Omnipotent One credit that his posts on yesterday's post-close market surge caused me to think for quite some time before breaking out in laughter.
  2. Let me continue my praise before heaping calumny. This individual has made an analysis of what ET wants that is so insightful it makes me professionally envious. He or she knows that ET craves to be talked down to, to be belittled, to be pontificated at, to be humiliated, to be spanked. In short, that ET collectively is masochistic. Study his posts carefully and see if you do not immediately crave his approval and will prostrate yourself at his feet if only he will abuse you artfully some more.
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    this is an insightful post - however you work in the world of conventional beliefs. You wish to classify one according to an orthodoxy designed to keep you in a state of disbelief. (smiley face goes here.)
  4. What's more narcissistic: Claiming to be a brilliant trader or claiming to be able to discern the subconscious nuances of someone else's personality (someone you've never met)?
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    Brilliant, my thoughts exactly :D
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    And here was me thinking Jack Hershey was just another asshole with more ego than talent
  7. Jem, your thoughts clearly are headed in the same conventional direction as my own, despite my disdain for orthodoxy. There cannot be two such huge egos in all the trading world. Unless there is great flattery at work here.

    CT (you provide the intervening vowels), on ET before we trade or post, we do the work. Read the subject poster's inaugural post and you will understand wherecome I from.
  8. Glad someone else noticed ...

    What Elite Trader Needs

    ... the guy even told Mark (one of the most even-keeled guys on ET) to "hold-up" and wait until he was ready for'em (A-1 must have thought he was back in one of his classes).


    Jimmy Jam
  9. A quote: "I am the infinite one. Without beginning, without end."
  10. Evidently, you cannot distinguish between tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth, thereby lapsing squarely into the latter by default.
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