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    Bookmap is a high-performance data visualization and trading platform.
    Bookmap offers a new perspective on the market and together with its analytic set of tools allows traders to make better and more educated trading decisions.

    Bookmap is not a holy grail system with magical buy and sell signals. Its heatmap chart does, however, let you see the market mechanics (the auction) with the fullest market transparency available. Use Bookmap to understand how the market works and what dictates price action and develop your own trading magic touch.

    What do you get with Bookmap?
    • Get real-time Full Depth Market Data: more than 10 different connections to Brokers & Data Feeds are supported

    • Trade Futures, Stocks and Digital Currencies from a single platform

    • Watch the Order Book & the traded volume in great clarity

    • Use different tools to analyze the market activity in real time or offline, including Volume Profiles, Volume Dots, Cumulative Volume Delta, Large Lot Tracker (LLT) and many more

    • Develop indicators and strategies using one of the most advanced API available

    • Get advanced Education for traders, including Order flow Course and live trading webinars with professional traders and educators

    Bookmap FREE Digital package allows connection and real-time trading in cryptocurrencies. Explore the heatmap, data speed and also connect to delayed data of US stocks powered by dxFeed.

    Global/ Global+ packages allow trading of Futures or US stocks together with many additional features.

    Prices for Global is $49/mo and for Global+ $99/mo. Discounts apply to yearly subscriptions or through eligible brokers.

    If anyone has any questions, please post them here and we will respond ASAP.
    Feel free to also share your personal experience with Bookmap. It’ll be highly appreciated.
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  2. Robert Morse

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    Welcome to Elite Trader.
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  3. traider


    Looks like a really complex molecular structure...
    This proves market is a real living organism.
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  4. MrMuppet


    look at your has a typo ;)
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  5. tommcginnis


    Looks pretty snazzy, but Bookmap 2.0 will have
    ☼ options, and
    ☼ allow for cross-market visualization (i.e., underlying+future; underlying+options)
  6. serg314

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    Actually, market data is simply orders (buy/sell, size, price), processed by similarly simple matching engine. Complex things may emerge from very simple rules, including complex biology as you mentioned. Bookmap's goal is to visualize as close as possible the underlying process of order flow (including the flow of passive limit orders) but in a way that leverages our ability to spot complex patterns visually. It's the same ability that makes captchas useful -- bots still can't solve them better than humans. Here is an example of an effective technique of an HFT to be unnoticeable by other HFT's, but it's easy to spot visually.


    There are more examples on my twitter. Trading is a real-time interactive game with a simple set of available to traders actions: Send an order, Modify, Cancel. Bookmap's goal is to make it easier to observe actions of other "players" before making your own move.

  7. qlai


    Looked around your website. Wow, that's a lot of complex software+api. Requires lots of expensive market data. I am curious who is your target customer?
  8. serg314

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    Hi qlai,

    Bookmap is free for trading on crypto exchanges GDAX, BitMEX, Bitfinex (mainly because it connects directly and their market data is free of charge).

    Bookmap costs $99/month for trading futures (e.g. at CME) or US stocks (the stocks data is charged separately, but it costs less than competitors', and has institutional level of quality). If you use Bookmap only for visualization, it costs $49/month. Additional discounts apply on annual subscription. Market data of futures is provided for free by brokers.

    So, it costs 1-2 points of ES futures contract movement. We truly believe that Bookmap gives more value for traders during a month than 1-2 points of ES.

    The API is free of charge and we believe it's the best in the industry. Here are API key features:
    • Receive trades as Times & Sales with ability to "reconstruct" the original size of the aggressive order
    • Receive full market depth as Market-by-price (MBP) or Market-by-order (MBO)
    • Unique: Receive recent history of market depth data (in progress)
    • Draw indicators on chart or indicators panel with unlimited resolution
    • Implement automatic trading strategies
    • Create custom settings panel
    • Implement custom windows and widgets (detached from Bookmap chart)
    • Simple, fast, and transparent
    • Free access to API for all Bookmap users
    • Use any Java supporting IDE for development
    • Offer your custom module on marketplace (in progress) for other traders
    Here is the entire code of an add-on that receives trades and full market depth and simply manages the order book.

    API quick intro.png

    More details on API are here:

    I hope the pricing model makes more sense now.