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    Hey all, I'm Dion from If you have an effective trading strategy, you can publish your signals on for free and accumulate paid subscribers. We've been around for awhile but are just beginning to try and get the word out about WealthSignals, and looking for strategy publishers. Why consider publishing your signals on
    • It's completely free to create a strategy and publish your signals
    • You select your own subscription fee
    • You collect 80% of the subscription revenue (we keep 20% to build the business)
    Although we're relatively new, I can say that the top strategy authors are earning enough subscription revenue to pay their mortgages. We hope to now grow the user base to allow them to just use the revenue to purchase their homes outright ;)

    Feel free to post any questions or feedback here on this thread.
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    Are you competitor of collective2?
    What instruments do you trade?
    I have expected a competitor of collectyive2 to appear long time ago.
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    WealthSignals is a lower-fee alternative to Collective2 for systematic end-of-day trading of major U.S. stocks - specifically the constituents of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 - and ETFs that generally have high volume. More instruments (including crypto) are in the works. Anyone can participate in WealthSignals, but it's integrated with Wealth-Lab out of the box, which can be used to publish and/or receive signals with just a couple clicks.
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    Note, we also developed an integration for Quantacula Studio. It emulates a "broker" interface an lets you submit your signals to WealthSignals.

    You can also, of course, submit signals to WealthSignals manually directly from the web site.
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  5. Will you allow Index Futures trading strategies in the Future?

  6. One reason for using this plattform as a sponsor is to get more users and to let the community guide the direction of the development. We have futures on our list. Let’s see how high the demand for it is.
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  7. Put me on the list. I got a manual system.


    • 78.69% Winrate.
    • 1.82:1 Average Win to Average Loss Ratio.
    • 61 (MNQ) trades from 10/21/19. (Trades both day and night session Long or Short when I am awake.)
    • This would be 50 bucks a month with a small balance requirement. Perhaps an introductory rate would be offered in the beginning. (2.72% DD on a 6k account trading 5 Micro Contracts)

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  8. What is the criteria to get a red flag?

  9. Is the subscription income on a 1099?

  10. Ohhh I just noticed this is "end of day"....damn
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