Introducing TrendSpider - a new charting platform built for traders, by traders

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    A powerful, new charting platform designed to help active
    traders (like you!) find trends faster & time trades better.​

    Introduction to TrendSpider
    We are a small team of traders and software engineers. We were founded in 2017 and just recently launched our software to the public in March of this year. Our team is headquartered in Chicago, with some staff in Denver and Europe.

    Our product (and obsession) is called TrendSpider and it is a software platform designed to help active technical investors make better trading decisions.

    The best way to think of it is like this: It’s a smart charting platform, an algorithmic analysis system, and a setup monitoring tool -- all in one slick, easy-to-use, web-based package. It’s not a trade alert website. It won’t tell you what stocks to buy or sell, or when to buy or sell the stocks you’re looking at. Rather, it is designed to save you a ton of time, increase your accuracy, and help you get in and out of positions with better efficiency.


    The Problem
    We like to joke around that “Humans Suck at Analyzing Charts”. The truth is, they don’t always… like most things, some people are naturals at it, and others have a lot to learn.

    But in all cases, traders are usually still people :) and as such, they make mistakes. All kinds of mistakes:
    • Even the best traders sometimes get caught up on emotions like FOMO.

    • The gurus all sometimes buy too late, sell too early.

    • Everyone panics from time to time, even when deep down, they know they should stay calm.

    • Master traders sometimes break their own rules, and trade out of boredom, in sketchy markets.
    As they say, it happens to the best of us. In the same way that the sky is blue, if someone tells you that they don’t make errors when trading, they’re lying to you.

    Often, the trading mistakes we make are because of errors in our analysis. Why? Because, according to our research, traders tend to be very inconsistent.

    Using myself as an example, when scanning charts, I would sometimes analyze a full year’s worth of candlesticks, then on the next chart, a year and a half. The next chart yet, just 9 months. Sometimes I would do all my analysis on the 60-minute chart, and other times I would check other timeframes. Sometimes I would draw trendlines wick-to-wick, other times I would draw body-to-body.

    The more charts I looked at, the more my analysis deviated from one to the other.

    … And in the meanwhile, the market is moving and adding pressure.

    As a trader, you don’t always have the time to do a deep dive into every chart. Not if you want to sleep and trade occasionally. In the end, it generally ends up being a judgment call based on incomplete information.

    I know this first hand. And I bet you do, too.

    The Solution
    TrendSpider makes the analysis and chart monitoring aspects of trading easier. Here’s how it works:

    Type in any US stock, ETF, crypto, or Forex symbol. TrendSpider will instantly download all the data for 9 different time frames from the cloud, and then use a combination of algorithms, user-configurable formulas, and cold, hard math to perform the following analysis in under 60 seconds:
    1. Find all potential trendlines. Analyze each one of them individually, and find the strongest ones for you, based on rules that you can customize.

      See how it works!

    2. Automatically find, measure and retrace the latest meaningful price move to identify the likely Fibonacci levels.

    3. Detect and highlight any candlestick patterns or formations you want with mathematical precision.

    4. Use Multi-Timeframe Analysis to instantly compare trends, indicators, Fib levels and price action from one timeframe with another -- revealing trends that other traders are likely to miss.

      Example: Imagine using indicators, trendlines and Fibonacci's from the Daily chart, but from on the 5-minute chart. Long-term trends impact short-term price action more reliably than short-term trends do.

      See it in action!
    When you see something you like, you can tell TrendSpider to monitor it for you, and alert you when it’s time to get back to your desk[/I]
    • Just right-click on any trendline or indicator, and create an alert on it. The alert will follow the waveform of the indicator, or the slope of the trendline, no matter where it goes. You will never have to adjust it.

    • Select the events you want to be alerted on: a Touch, a Breakthrough or a Bounce. Each event is clearly defined.

    • Adjust the sensitivity of the alert so that you get alerted on price approach even if it doesn’t directly touch.

    • Define what type of confirmation candlestick timeframe you want on this alert, which also controls the speed of the alert.
    • Sit back and relax. Your new alert will stick to the trendline or indicator you selected, following the slope or waveform perfectly. When the trigger event occurs, you'll get a text message, an in-app notification and an e-mail.

      See how it works!
    Why you should care & why you should try TrendSpider out

    • Better accuracy and more consistency in analysis - analysis performed exactly the same way every single time, without exception.
    • Automation removes biases and distractions - algorithms don’t care what Elon Musk tweeted last night
    • Analysis time is dramatically speed up - cover more charts, faster (20-25 in the time it would take to do 3 or 4 by hand)
    • Incorporate more data from more time frames into each trading decision
    • Time your entries and exits better by using dynamic alerts
    Liberated Stock Trader's Independent Review
    “The new kid on the block, TrendSpider is doing something very different and innovative to separate itself from the crowded stock chart analysis software market.” — Liberated Trader Review

    Start your 7-Day Free Trial Now
    Visit to sign up for a free trial now. Don’t forget to schedule your user training session once you sign up.

    If you want a demo of the software before signing up, you can sign up for one of our daily webinars here:

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on this thread and I’ll answer them, or shoot me an email at dan -at- trendspider -dot- com.

    - Dan

    Additional resources and examples of a few of the cool things you can do with TrendSpider

    To see a complete feature list, please visit this page:

    Using Alerts with Bollinger Band Strategies

    Detecting Channels and Wedges with TrendSpider

    See more ideas and strategies at the TrendSpider blog and video library:
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    Also - if anyone wants to see the software in action, we do a twice-daily webinar to demo it. Signup here:

    Webinars are at 10am and 4pm Central Time.
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    Looks like a nice product! One comment I have is to show how the product is actually going to help the user make money trading as that is the core problem to solve.
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    Ive read that in the military they like to say 'preparation prevents poor performance' and I have always felt the same way about trading, with the addition of patience. One way that TS has helped me personally do better is by using dynamic price alerts to watch trendlines/indicators that I am watching for me - so I don't have to stare at the charts all day like a zombie, and so I know when it's time to get back to my computer. When swing trading, I would set an alert with a short confirmation candlestick timeframe (say 15 minutes) on a long term indicator or trendline (say a daily or weekly trendline or indicator) and configure a wide sensitivity zone of an alert. That way, I can get an advanced warning on approach vs. an alert that's too late for me to act on and time my trade better, without trading out of boredom. It takes some patience and discipline, but it also frees up time to look at other charts... If you want to signup for one of our demo webinars, this is one of the things we go over in them. Because TS is a full featured package, there is a lot you can do with it - this is just one example. Hope that helps!
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  5. Do you offer PnF charts?

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    Unfortunately, not yet. We have candles, hallow candles and bars at the moment. PnF, Renko and HA are planned but no timeframe for them yet.
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    I wouldn't want to be in your military if they speak like that. (the words likely were lost in translation)

    Sun Tzu,the Chinese philosopher and General , got it right 2500 years ago, every war is won before the first battle is fought. a modern translation is every war is won before the first shot is fired.
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    Love some Sun Tzu wisdom.
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    The charting interface itself is web-based, but TrendSpider alerts are cloud-based and are very fast.
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    Most "decriers of TA" use some form of evidence-based investing/trading. There is a huge body of scientific knowledge about finance and various relevant tools. Go read a book :)

    PS. I'd imagine that most people that "decry TA" decry the various forms of apophenia that TA practitioners suffer from.
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