Introducing The BAT System - Algo Trading Made Easy

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    Introducing The BAT System: Bot Algo Trading Made Easy.

    The BAT System, powered by Trade-Ideas, is a highly customizable, fully automated algorithmic trading system that requires NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE!

    The BAT Scanner allows you to easily build sophisticated strategies with no programming knowledge needed. With more than 400 different alerts and filters that are highly customizable, the number of strategies that can be created is infinite: ALL WITHOUT ANY COMPUTER PROGRAMMING NECESSARY.

    After you have developed your algos, easily backtest them over the entire market in a matter of seconds with the BAT Tester. Then easily optimize your strategies for optimal performance.

    Once you have your algo perfected, let the Bat Bot autotrade it for you.

    Create your algos from scratch, or choose from the numerous strategies in the BAT Community that can easily be customized to create your own version. NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED!

    Find out more about the BAT System at:
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