Introducing mobileTWS for iPad®

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    mobileTWS for iPad gives you the world at your fingertips. This first release lets you:
    Trade stocks, options, futures, futures options and forex worldwide from one account.
    View real-time streaming quotes, charts and scanners.
    Achieve optimal execution with IB's SmartRoutingTM technology.
    Monitor your trades, portfolio and account information.
    Set price alerts with email notification.
    Receive trade reports via text message.

    Future releases coming soon will include such features as options scanners and the ability to subscribe to market data directly from mobileTWS for iPad.

    In addition to the mobileTWS for iPad we have additional features that have come out this past month including:

    - linking IRA accounts
    - IBUK Spot Silver trading has been released to join our Spot Gold offering
    - Canadian Bill Pay (for Canadian clients)
    - FX hedge orders
    - commission free FactorShares
    - LME SGX futures
    - Doubleline and Invesco mutual funds
    - and more

    To read more detail, click on the above link.
  2. other than rearranging a few buttons and nuggets, this app is no different than the iphone version. When are you guys going to stop wasting time adding those useless "features" and implement option chains and spread orders - the very basic for any trading app.

    I open a 580/585 goog vertical spread and the only way to close it in ipad/iphone app is buying the short leg first then the long leg separately. Now assume the underly moved significantly against the short leg, when I try to close the short leg i will get an insufficient margin warning and prevent the order being submitted, and of course there is no way to close the combo in 1 shot as a spread order.

    So what is there left to do? close 1 short contract, close 1 long contract, close 1 short contract, close 1 long contract etc.... is that how you want your customers to trade on your mobile apps? on top of using a spotty 3g connection that constantly gets disconnected with "error in communication"

    Look at optionxpress for an example how to do a mobile trading app correctly. You guys really need to hire a few gui experts for the mobile platform.