Introducing FREE MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition

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  1. Well stated gmst. There is nothing in the above quote that I do not agree with. Especially point 4. I'm sure there are many legitimate reviews that are deleted from most "trading" (talking noob retail here - which ET is) forums, not because they are untrue, but because the vendors find them rather "unpalatable".
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    This is my first time trying out this MC platform. Looks interesting.

    However, I keep getting this error message "Symbol limit has been reached. Multicharts .Net Starter Edition is limited to 2 symbols at a time. To work with new symbols first delete one or all of your existing symbols, then add new ones"

    I'm totally COOL with that since I'm only testing out the platform.

    However, I looking at my MCSE64 and I do NOT see ANY symbols. I'm more than happy to delete whatever symbols there are so I can add my 2 symbols. Where is the list of existing symbols?

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  3. Q's to OP

    How does someone with no programming skills use Multicharts' for systematic trading and backtesting capabilities ? Do you have some pre-programmed formula's that you can build on, adding pre programmed filters and indicators ?

    Does the free version come with data for international stockmarkets and indices ?
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    No answers? I just download MC SE. If it works, then I will buy the full blown version. How come I can't add any symbols? I can't find a database or place to delete existing symbols.

    Please advise.
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  6. fortydraws


    What would really help the little guy would is a lifetime license purchase with a monthly or quarterly payment plan spread over twelve months.
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  7. If I want to create synthetic index and chart it in an OHLC manner using MC SE and index has 4 components, will it work given the 2 ticker limitation. Thanks.

    ex ibm index=(goog+aapl+fb+CSCO*3)/4
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  8. Very much agree with you on this. They would get a good surge of new subscribers by offering the option of paying for a lifetime license in 3-4 installments(even if it meant paying an extra $100-$150 for the installment plan option.
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  9. Apparently it lasted about a year.
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    "This platform is here to stay, forever. It's completely free, so download away and start charting, analyzing, sharing and even trading. Give it to all your friends, colleagues, bosses and family, maybe even your dog or cat . Upload it to to any site, blog, Twitter and anywhere you like – spread the goodness around! The more people use MC .NET Starter Edition, the larger the community will be, and you can talk to more and more traders, and have more developers on hand. You can chat now through the MultiCharts .NET forum (or here on EliteTrader), or contact our support if you have any questions (we have some of the best support technicians in the industry).

    Last note: MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition with live trading capabilities is FREE. Beware of any scams that try to charge for this software. If you paid someone for MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition, let us know immediately through You can always get the latest version from our official website."

    Yep, if you had the "free" edition installed, they now direct you to purchase a license, not allowing you to use the "free" edition with 2 symbols anymore.

    They lied. Imagine my surprise...a trading vendor with no scruples.
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