Introducing FREE MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition

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  1. MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition is a FREE version of our award-winning trading platform. BEST currently available free trading software.

    Starter Edition was designed for beginner traders to ease the burden of buying expensive software when you are just starting out. MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition offers all features of MultiCharts .NET, including LIVE trading capabilities (chart, DOM, drag-and-drop strategies and fully automated), best charting in the industry, advanced strategy development capabilities in C# and Visual Basic, integration with Visual Studio, high-precision tick-by-tick strategy and portfolio backtesting, extremely fast optimization and more – and you can trade up to two (2) symbols at a time.

    We had another free product last year called MultiCharts Discretionary Trader, which was discontinued after a year of existence because we felt it wasn’t enough for traders. We underestimated the amount of custom analytics that people were using, and MCDT never took off because you couldn’t create anything custom. We did some more brainstorming and came up with a new way of serving small cap investors with a professional platform – MC .NET Starter Edition where you can create complex scripts in C# and Visual Basic (even using Visual Studio). Check out this short intro vid here - intro video.

    Download FREE MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition (32-bit)

    Download FREE MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition (64-bit)

    This platform is here to stay, forever. It’s completely free, so download away and start charting, analyzing, sharing and even trading. Give it to all your friends, colleagues, bosses and family, maybe even your dog or cat . Upload it to to any site, blog, Twitter and anywhere you like – spread the goodness around! The more people use MC .NET Starter Edition, the larger the community will be, and you can talk to more and more traders, and have more developers on hand. You can chat now through the MultiCharts .NET forum (or here on EliteTrader), or contact our support if you have any questions (we have some of the best support technicians in the industry).

    Last note: MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition with live trading capabilities is FREE. Beware of any scams that try to charge for this software. If you paid someone for MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition, let us know immediately through You can always get the latest version from our official website.
  2. Stan,

    I own the original MultiCharts. But I am disappointed in the support promises that were made by your sales staff for years and years (I believe I started asking in 2006(?)). The one feature that makes Multicharts unusable for me is there are no DESKTOPs to organize the workspaces. The only reply I ever got was from a support person who said “…Buy the enterprise version for $10,000 and it is in there…” Needless to say I was not impressed and I am forced to continue to use Tradestation for the majority of my trading.

  3. ofthomas


    forever huh? just like your DT edition? let's see how long that lasts for...
  4. DT wasn't popular, so there was no point continuing it... This version replaces it and it's already gaining popularity.
  5. You can open multiple instances of MultiCharts, and open workspaces in each instance.. that would essentially replicate your desktop setup in TradeStation.
  6. ABCTG


    While DT was a small step in the right direction, this is a huge one. Not only new users will benefit from this, but also existing license owners, as this has a potential to create a much bigger community.
    Great job guys and keep the good work up.

  7. Cheers! Spread the word around and give it to all your friends. Feel free to upload the installers to any third-party sharing site as well.
  8. Azharr


    really need better documentation

    I wonder if it comes with

    - paper trading capabilities
    - adding/calculating commission - since my broker AMP have a lousy backoffice
    - tutorial videos
  9. Documentation should be released this week or next week. You can paper trade through the demo account at your broker, you have flexible commission tools and tutorial videos are coming.
  10. Suggest you remove the condescending harassment that your trial version of multicharts gives when one doesn't immediately buy. Must have been about 20 emails expressing "confusion" about why I wasn't sending you money.
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