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  1. Hello

    This post and the following three posts will have the four EA's that trade on the EUR/USD H1. I found these four EA's in the public domain and they trade rather well together thus far:
    • ADX Cross EA
    • BBands Stop EA
    • Fisher M11 EA
    • Heiken Ashi EA

    Each EA has a different magic number and you need to install them on four separate EUR/USD charts.

    You can install them on one account with 1K. Each EA uses MM at 5%. Each EA has a stop loss and a TP. There is not any martingale or progression. There can be longs and shorts at the same time.

    The downloads that I have provided are hardcoded and ready to go for your 1K micro account (0.01 increments= 1000 units per pip and 10 cents per pip). The magic numbers are also different for each EA and you should not have to change anything in your inputs.

    Hint: You can right click in your trades tab and in your history tab to turn on the comments field to identify which EA is traded.

    I have also posted three indicators which are necessary for the EA's to work (not including the adx cross, because MT4 already has that indicator) in the posts to follow for your downloading pleasure.
  2. EA #2
  3. EA #3
  4. EA #4
  5. Here is a screenshot:

  6. You will need three indicators (the ADX cross is already in your MT4 platform). Please load them in the Experts/ indicators folder. You only need to download them for the EA's to work, you do not need to drag them on the charts.

    This post and the next two posts will have the downloads.

  7. Indicator #2
  8. Indicator #3
  9. we go...the EA just opened a trade 20
    minutes ago with the ADX Cross EA. Do not
    get alarmed with the graph, I had to adjust the
    start balance to be 1K not 5K.

  10. gmst


    Appreciate your contribution. Can you please post
    historical backtesting results for the individual EAs
    and a combined equity graph for all 4 EAs together.
    That will really help!!

    Thanks again!
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