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    Hey guys, well its been a while since i been here. currently im in europe and am looking to open an Introducing broker act with IB and establish a company to bring US markets to eastern europe. I have few technical questions regarding web site development and was wondering if someone out there could throw a few words of assistance my way. In creating a simple home page, i have no idea for example how to bring in data feed to run charts and basic indecies quotes, maybe a few most actives on nyse or nas, or %gainers/loosers, few graphs, etc... is there a place where i can get a source for this data somewhere on the web? Haaa and if there are few resources for free, the more the merrier. could i somehow pull data maybe from yahoo site, or others out there, and if so, would anyone care to enlighten me on how this could be done? i would just like some guidance and few places to look, and few ideas. anything is appreciated. thnx for the help. i will keep you updated on the progress if anyone cares. thnx again
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    Do you have any software programming experience?

    If not, things might be a little tricky. However, if you have some strong webapp/programming skills, it's not that hard.

    I've developed a suite of applications which more or less do what you need. I get HTML data feeds from Yahoo!, parse the HTML stream to get the information that I need, store the information into a database, and a UI can chart any stock by reading the appropriate database table.

    It's all written in Java, and although it's been developed as a standalone application, it would be quite easy to 'turn it' into a java applet.

    As for other things (like top %gainers, or most active, etc...) the same principle would apply. Find websites that offer that information on the web, parse the HTML data stream, store it in a database, and then present the information in a presentation layer.

    If you *really* didn't want to put information in a database, you could go without one. However, it would make the logic layer pretty horrendous.

    You would also want to find a charting API, because they are actually a lot of work to develop if you start from scatch. And, I'm assuming you want to keep things pretty simple...

    Maybe you could let me know what kind of skill level you're at, and more details about what you like to implement. I might be able to throw you some code which would help.


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    coool brandon, that is exactly what i was looking for, well that type of info. as far as experience - i have none, but i have my partner that is a programer and has developed web sites, its just that he has no experience in the financial field and i dont think he's ever come across a chart of nasdaq in his programing life. so i kinda need to guide him a bit and once he figures it out then it should be smooth sailing, its just that i need to know where to point him. i have seen few sites that have charts from yahoo, but for example i would like to have a intraday chart like there is on the nasdaq site, or at least that type. then maybe create my own list or design, of most actives etc... but this what you reffered to pulling the html code, thats where it gets tricky for me. if i can pull all this from yahoo, then thats great. or any other site, i would prefer to use one site if possible so that the coding doesnt get too complicated. pulling info into the databse. ok one question. if data gets pulled into a database, this would then have to be done through out the day to update minute for minute, doesnt that get too size intensive?? as far as all that info, or is it only pulled when requested by someone on the site. Maybe these are primitive questions, so sorry, but at least you get a laugh out of it. but thnx for any help man.
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    Search for 'financial web site affiliate' programs on Google and you will find a number of sites that provide charts and data that can be used on your web site. Some services just require that you also post their logo with their chart or news, other services provide charts for a monthly charge.

    Some programs make it possible to earn a little money by providing space on your page.

    You can start at:

    You could also search Google for "java stock tickers free" to see a number of java charts and ticker links.

    You can probably find more 'freeware' than you need.

    I am not sure these freeware charts and 'newsletters' will drive more people to your site. At the end of the day the success or failure of the site depends of your special 'value add'.

    Good luck,

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    "pulling info into the databse. ok one question. if data gets pulled into a database, this would then have to be done through out the day to update minute for minute, doesnt that get too size intensive?? "

    That's right. If you wanted to have a chart updated minute by minute, you would have to continuously get updated data every minute.

    You won't have to worry about size, as long as you have a relatively modern computer. My database has about 11,000 tables. One table for each of the 5,600 or so companies listed on nas with all available historical (opn, cls, hi, lo, vol) data for each company. Another 5,600 tables that hold other key analytical data for each company (my own prop. information), and a few other tables to manage them all...Each table has between 500-30,000 records. The database is about 1.5GB in size to put things in perspective.

    Assuming you update every minute, for eight hours per day, that's about (60 x 8) 480 records per day per stock. If you are only tracking nas, you'll have more than enough room.

    To do the continuous updating, you would want code responsible for the update process to be running in a thread. This would be a server-side function.

    You would also have to develop a client side application. This client application would simply read any available data in the 'nas table' (that's what I'll call it for simplicity) and generate a chart from it. This would only be triggered when an end user wanted to see the chart.

    See if has everything you're looking for.

    If you plan on using Java for programming, just let me know and I can send you my downloading/parsing packages, it will serve as a good base for your work.


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    thnx guys for all the info and help. i will run it by my web guy and see if this is what he needs, or if he still has issues w it. i'll refresh the thread when i have specific questions. again, thnx for your help and info/
    john d.