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    We would like to introduce 4XProp ( 4XProp is the forex proprietary trading division of Nevis Trading, a leading international proprietary trading firm (and long time Elitetrader Sponsor).

    We are now hiring forex traders. Please visit our website for more information or email us at

    Thank You,

  2. Ha!...

    If I were profitable I might think about it...☺


    I am very efficient at what I do (HeHe...losing money)

  3. gtgtgt3


    This really looks interesting! I already trade at FXCM so I am going to give it a shot.
    I will keep everyone posted about my experience.

  4. risky63


    remember the geico commercial w/ the little pig......
  5. Andrew Spanton?
  6. gr8tr8r


    I also already trade at FXCM so this is a no-brainer for me. I have been searching all over for a true prop FX firm and have not been able to find any. The ones that claim they are "prop firms" that let you "trade our money" make you take their training course for $10,000. Then they will let you lose $1,000 of "their" (really yours) money. Total scam.

    These guys will truly hire you if you show them you know how to trade. I will keep this board up to date of my progress.

  7. Good Trading to you.

    Your advancing to the next level.

    You will give some of the readers here hope...


    P.S. I would at least need 10 million under managment and need to keep at least 50% of the profit to make it worth it...But I would need one helluva strategy to command that! I have been trading far too long to be milked over time.

    P.P.S. Remember 15% DD is the most that will be tolerated from accredited why would a prop FX firm with their own capital tolerate more? I am not saying that there are not strategies out there that would involve 4 to 5% use of leverage and less than 15% DD...but I do not know of one personally...but that means nothing...

  8. I have a strategy that has made $750.53 on a 1K account in under one month. But I know it will not last. This is the problem. I just do not get excited anymore and the last thing that I want to do is to trade OPM. I do not need the pressure.

    It is a constant problem in FX. You can never bask in the sunlight.


    P.S. Plus trading size with shitty spreads would render my strategy useless..The edge is too tight...

    P.P.S. Too all of you young kids out there that can never die and are going to take over the world...Electric is a loser.
  9. cstfx


    No. This is offshoot of Nevis/JC.

    If for any reason this db is involved, run away, run away!
  10. There doesnt appear to be any risk involved since they dont take deposits or fees. However, there are only skype and phone-numbers as contact details in the website, they should atleast explain who they are and provide a street-address.
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