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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by JSchneider, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Hey Traders and Brokers!

    Anyone looking for new software or trading platforms?

    Anyone know of any?

    How about a discussion about the differences between them.
  2. Do you have any goal of this discussion?
  3. Yes I do. I would like to talk about trading platforms that are more popular and why..

    I would like to open the discussion about the difference between them, preferences and where to find them.

    Does that answer your poking question?
  4. I didn't try to hurt you ;)

    The thing is that "Trading platform" is not an accurate determination of type of software.

    Usualy trading platform means a complex solution that includes brokers side and traders side as example you must know Metatrader or ProTrader.

    But if you are talking about software that is made for trader only then there will be other examples like ninjatrader, pt multistation etc...

    So, what are you interesting in? :)
  5. I am interested in all of the trading platforms, metatrader, metatrader 4 and the soon to be metatrader 5, also WEBFX, and more. I already know their softwares that run them, but it would be interesting to know what people think is better from either a simple traders perspective or a brokers...

    What is your favorite trading platform? and why do you choose this one to trade with?

    - Josh
  6. In order to get more from the trading world i suggest you the platform that can connect to different brokers and data feeds such as PT MultiStation.

    But if you don't want to pay for software then you need to look for the broker that you want to trade with and than choose the platform that supported by this broker...
  7. Andyroki


    My favorite is TurTrades Click here to go to Turtrades
    It allows me to practice my trading using real historical market data.

    Sorry about selfish self promotion.
  8. Mark P.

    Mark P.

    I watched a portion of the week long Traders Expo in Oct./09. A man named Reuben Penske was one of the presenters, & has developed a system called "Champions River" using a combo. of proprietary indicators w/ mult. time frames. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this system?
  9. could you give me a the link?
  10. Mark P.

    Mark P.

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