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    the practical application of VOL strategies.

    been reading Natenburgs and others on VOL..

    I model the position and it dosnt look pretty.. exception being a reverse Iron Condor on a high vol stock..

    but.. an rev Iron Condor wants the stock to sit and VOL to decrease..

    seems like a lot to ask since IV is high for a reason...

    Nats books says to sell horizontals to capitolize on VOL crush.. once modeled it didnt look like the VOL decrease would offset the potential for a increase/decline in the underlying..

    on to the question.. HOW DO YOU GUYS (in the real world) play VOL?

    call me stupid... but it looks like the real way to play VOL is to sell a strangle....:eek:

    woohoo... beer thirty:)
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    hmmm no one huh...:confused:

    does anyone here play VOL? how?
  3. R U drunk?
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    umm yes.. why:)
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    guess not too many people have a strategy there interested in sharing :(

    didnt think this question was to difficult..

    oh well..