Intro to the yield curve

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  1. I am sort of the same way :)...
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  2. the idea being it cant really go too much further (oh those famous last words....) it could stay where it is for a long time though, no?
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  3. Nah... I just think the Western world is going to resemble Japan.
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    Quote from Martinghoul:

    I don't know about "we". I ain't exactly missing them...

    It's just because the Fed owns all the mtges and doesn't give a rat's ass about hedging convexity.

    Hum, just thinking about taking some profits on this "risk free" trade. :)
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  6. Very nice... Not sure we're done flattening, to be honest, but it might be worthwhile to take some money off the table.
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  9. Can't remember the last time someone told me he was the <i>other</i> way. It's the mother of all consensus trades.
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  10. I am not sure about that. Judging by all the recent pain and stops, I would have thought the mkt is the other way, if anything. At any rate, with the spread now at 237bps, it's moved a fair bit. Still a fair ways to go before we get into proper Japanese territory (sub 100bps).
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