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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Bonpara, Nov 17, 2006.

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    I'm a fairly new trader but very experenced with math and all the wonders that it gives. I was wondering if we could start a form of really good intro webpages to help people learn about the basics to advance technical analysis.
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    This is where someone enters, insults you, and tells you to "click that little search button up there". Welcome to ET :). jk....try
  3. A book would be better (it is a shame the next generation is looking for a web page over a book lol).

    Murphy, John "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets"
  4. I heard investosopedia is good, never checked it out.

    I strongly recommend "technical analysis from A-Z" by steven achelis.
    (not exactly a webpage though)

    If your a real mathy type, that will help cut through some chaff, because you will realise there is little usefull mathematical basis to most indicators.
  5. I guess reinventing the wheel must sound very interesting to you. What's the point of writing the same thing over and over when there are 1000's of books on the subject already?

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  8. Also recommend TA from A-Z, just for an overview of all indicators, pick what suites you and master it.
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    If you are good in math, you shoud be able to pick up TA very easily; infact it should be very easy for you to learn to trade. It's best start by reading a book; no tutor is better than a good book from a successfully trader. With your background you can also start by look at many different chart and try to find patterns and begin to recognize what you think is profitable; this is what others call strategy using software scanning.

    You will also need to study the fundamentals of the stock before you trade so that you can be more certain of the stock behavior. Good luck trading.