intrinsic value and european options

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    Newbie here.

    Are there cases where an ITM european option cost less than its intrinsic value since it cannot be exercised prior to expiration?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi,

    "A simple explanation is that european style options are priced on a forward.

    Thus, if interest rates are around 10% , spot is 100 and the one year put strike is 200, european option is priced on a forward around 110 (100*(1+10%)) .

    Hence intrinsic value is 200-100=100 but the one year put value is 200-110=90"
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    Thanks MasterAtWork,

    I understand that for stocks, but can it happen in a futures market?

    Let's say Crude oil Dec 2010 is @ 70 , is it possible for Crude oil Dec 2010 60 european calls
    to be < 10 for any reason? It cannot happen in american style because of exercice arbitrage, but european ?

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    Is it a stupid question? I know it is an unlikely case because of time value... but I was just wondering if there wasn't exceptions...
  5. No, there is no stupid question about options.
    Option rules are built on exceptions. Time value is often somehow just a concept.
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    Thanks MAW