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    This system will be exclusively offered through Strategy Runner!!

    Get the Intrepidus System traded on your account, FREE for your first 2 months. You must open an account at our participating broker and mention 'elite e services' as the referring party.

    10% per month aggressive autotrading strategies. Forex trading at its best: Automated FX Strategies that have been tested and retested. Open your account today for only $250!

    Get the Intrepidus System traded on your account, FREE for 2 months. You must open an account at our participating broker GFT Forex and mention 'elite e services' as the referring party. You will not be charged any fees, commissions, or any hidden fee on your account for the first 2 months. After that time, you can decide if the system is good enough to subscribe. We are so confident in this system, we want it to prove itself before asking for payment.

    Intrepidus is a fearless swing trading system that identifies statistically profitable trades by determining price action instabilities and their tendency to reach equilibrium on the given time frame. Price spikes during market movements have recognizable patters regardless of market direction or trader sentiment. Intrepidus is a system that can be traded on all kinds of markets.

    Intrepidus is a fully automated forex trading strategy that identifies key trends and countertrends using statistical modeling techniques (common to many technical analysts) but what makes Intrepidus unique is that it has been backtested and optimized for autotrading, so you just need to plug it on your account and watch it trade! This version of Intrepidus is the US Dollar version, offered in 2 forms: Long Term and Short Term.

    Crosses available:


    **This is a special Dollar Edition which is optimized and designed for the dollar. It can be used on any cross, however it has been tweaked and retweaked for USD crosses.

    Short Term - Short term is traded on 60 minute to 120 minute time frames and trades last several hours with the average trade being 1 hour.

    Long Term - Long Term is traded on time frames between 180 minutes and 660 minutes and trades usually last several days with the average being 1 day.
    Performance Results
    January $1,670.00 16.70%
    February $4,800.00 47.17%
    March $430.00 4.04%
    April $1,660.00 15.51%
    May $3,860.00 35.52%
    June $1,350.00 12.00%
    July $1,010.00 8.87%
    August ($200.00) -1.74%
    September $890.00 7.76%
    October $550.00 4.76%
    November $820.00 7.06%
    December ($185.00) -1.58%

    January $1,466.00 14.66%
    February $2,340.00 22.89%
    March $298.00 2.90%
    April ($1,236.00) -11.79%
    May $4,219.00 40.72%
    June ($927.00) -8.60%
    July ($2,362.00) -22.09%
    August $536.00 5.11%
    September $238.00 2.27%
    October ($190.00) -1.80%
    November $76.00 0.72%
    December $1,447.00 13.75%

    January SFr. 1'250.00 12.50%
    February SFr. 2'700.00 26.70%
    March SFr. 950.00 9.10%
    April SFr. 1'450.00 13.80%
    May SFr. 2'830.00 26.60%
    June (SFr. 260.00) -2.40%
    July SFr. 380.00 3.50%
    August SFr. 3'300.00 30.20%
    September SFr. 1'730.00 1.54%
    October SFr. 1'060.00 0.93%
    November SFr. 3'210.00 2.78%
    December SFr. 2'270.00 1.91%

    Click here to see full performance reports for Intrepidus 7

    It should be noted that performance can vary greatly due to a number of factors including but not limited to: slippage, market conditions, broker mispricing, poor implementation of the strategy, and other user errors. However, it is with this in mind that we have designed the system to be robust to work on various types of trading conditions, regardless of these above factors. While performance will vary greatly, hopefully it does not mean it will be negative. Of course, trading is risky and you should be aware that you can lose some or all of your initial capital. When designing trading systems we attempt to maximize winners and minimize drawdowns on diverse market conditions rathar than targeting specific snapshots of the market and optimizing.