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  1. Currently using TradeStation (charts only), the company that has higher priority on the 4,678,983rd indicator vs. data throughput and the basics...

    Is there a charting program out for spot fx that offers an intraminute variable chart?

    The problem with looking at multiple tick charts is that various currency pairs differ in their tick feed rates. Consequently, even by setting the # of ticks per bar differently on the pairs, the charts misalign on a time basis. If there were a chart available with x second bars, the time scale would never misalign as this does not happen with minute variable charts. I would like to look at 15 sec or 30 sec bar charts for fast moving markets vs. tick charts.

  2. Thank you for the responses. These are the type of earth-shattering features that TradeStation just can not understand...

    It looks like TickQuest, Inc. NeoTicker has them as well.
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    Can anyone do a nano-second chart? :D
  4. Yes but at the end of the day I find that I stutter
  5. I have some great "histories" the time you see what I already is history! :D
  6. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    eSignal offers seconds,volume, tick, and price change charts within our Advanced Charting component. Check out this KB article for more information.