Intrade shuts down for good

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  1. bummer, i thought it had a good thing going even though it hasnt been taking american money for a while now.

    it appears the place went to hell after the founder passed away on everest.
  2. Bummer I loved to check their site for predictions.
  3. That was a neat site while it lasted. I think they got sued or threatened to be sued by cftc for oil, gold bets. Probably what drove em out of U.S.
  4. Online poker , Check
    Intrade, Check
    CFD, Check
    Don't let people in US do what they want with their own money, Check
  5. Pekelo


    Well, rejoice, online poker is back in the USSA!: :)

    But about InTrade:

    "A controversial online betting site called InTrade abruptly shut down on Sunday, according to a memo posted by its board of directors. The Irish-based service allowed gamblers to bet on political races and other event outcomes. It was sued in November by a U.S. regulator, and was blocked for U.S.-based users. The enigmatic memo cites "circumstances recently discovered" that "may include financial irregularities" as cause for requiring "immediate further investigation." It appears they might not be gone forever, though. The memo ends by saying "[we] hope you will bear with us as we do all we can to resume operations as promptly as possible."
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