Intrade: McCain Surges to New High on Record Volume

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Daal, Sep 5, 2008.

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  2. This is just dumb money coming in on McCain after the RNC. A McCain bump was no surprise to anyone who trades on Intrade actively and was actually welcomed to those looking to enter shorts. McCain has consistently been trading in the high 30s - low 40s. The current bid is 42 and Obama is 56. Sell the rallies on McCain and stay with the trend...
  3. Obama just finished his convention too and he is not up on record volume, I'd say the election is swinging significantly to the McCain side...
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    Have to agree. Actually the democratic convention was more hyped than the superbowl, but she had just as many viewers.
    And usually in races, the dems are far more in front at this point, unless you have a rep that is running away with it. That hasn't happened since Reagan.
    Gotta mean something
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    CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Sen. John McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night drew a total of more than 38.9 million viewers on eight television networks, surpassing the 38.3 million that tuned in for Sen. Barack Obama's address a week earlier, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.

    The audience share for McCain represented a nearly 5% improvement over the third night of the convention, when running mate Gov. Sarah Palin gave the GOP a jolt by attracting more than 37.2 million combined viewers on six networks for her acceptance speech.
    McCain's nearly 39 million viewers also easily surpassed the 24 million viewers last week who watched the address by Sen. Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, and the 26 million who saw Sen. Hillary Clinton's prime-time speech.

    McCain outdraws Palin? No, It is the Palin effect.
    Obama is old news!!!
  6. Do any of you trade real money on Intrade?
  7. Obama is toast. I'm not pro-McCain by any means, but this is my reading...the Dems will hate Palin for generations for bringing in enough lackadaisical Republican voters to give them the election, not to mention for being a woman that a lot of ordinary women actually like, not just lemon-sucking 1970s feminists.