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  1. I want to spread bet indices(not futures) both american and european intraday can you suggest methods and strategies and sites that can be of help. Where can I find good charts. Where can I find good recommendations. etc
    Any information will be of immense help.

    thank you
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    trade the real thing: futures instead of getting ripped off
  5. try

    they have an ultra mini contract...about 5 buck a handle. spread is usually 1 handle wide. prove to yourself that you can only lose in 5 dollar increaments before moving up to losing in 50 dollar increments.
  6. I have more or less decided on the sites where I am going to trade/bet. I would like to have information as to the kind of strategies I need to use for intraday trading of indices. Which charts and signals are the best etc. Where can I find recommendations and tips which will be helpful.

    Thank you
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