Intraday trend trading of currencies

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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in intraday trend trading of currencies. From your experience which currency trends best from 9 AM to 12 Noon and which one trends best during the 7 PM to 12 Midnight evening session?

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  3. What time zone is this? Pakistan Standard Time? The Indian/Pakistan Rupee/Rupee cross trends nicely during the morning.
  4. well, they don't actually trend, but they are active.

    Eur/Usd is almost always active, but it is still very active 9 to 12 est

    AUD starts heating up 8 pm est

    and JPY is not far behind

    most of europe starts waking up at 00:00 est, and in spite of what you read on the economics forum, Europe is still the number 1 economy in the world

    once the 00 to 5 am trend starts, it is hard to change it for the day, but that does not mean it is hard to change for the rest of the day

    in otherwords, the main 00 to 5 am trend can be faded
  5. Currencies rarely trend on intra day basis , so if you develop a trend trading method for intra day trading , 80 % of these intra day trends will fizzle out , and losses will incur.

    Vast majority of intraday fx movements are small , and it is difficult to predict the big winning moves.They all look the same to start with.

    Loads of big traders and banks don't like paying higher prices for currencies.
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    your asking the wrong question,they all trend at some point intraday
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