Intraday trading, how many period SMA on what time frame

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by cqm, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Hey guys

    What period SMA's do you consider while intraday scalping?

    On a 1 minute chart, perhaps a 9 period and 18 period?

    on a 5 minute chart, a 10 period and a 20 period?

    do you use simple moving averages or exponential moving averages or a combination?

    give me your rationale why

    I might be getting back into intraday scalping for a little bit.
  2. I use a 20 period SMA then bollinger bands. Depends on the stock/etf.
  3. cqm


    yeah, I am looking at some ETFs and SPY, QQQ, DIA and sector based ones

    and some stocks that cost a lot (over 100/share) to get large positions with low per/share commission cost
  4. I have been trading the more volatile 3X ETF's with fairly tight stops. FAS, FAZ, TNA, TZA are pretty good ETFs. I use Bollinger Bands with 20SMA on a one minute chart. Then I use slow stochastic (10 period) and MACD.

    I like the FAS and TNA because they are fairly higher priced due to the per share commissions as you mentioned.

    When one of those 3X's gets going though, I recommend only trading that one for the day rather than constant switching. At least that's how it works best for me.
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    Can you tell me all the parameters of your Bollinger Bands? for the top and bottom band

    can you tell me the SMA's on your MACD?

    finally, how well is that working for you? lol.

    just asking because I used SMA's a few years ago and some RSI and stochastics. Just seeing if they were still relevant for intraday