Intraday trade set ups

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  1. I want to learn other intraday set ups , if anyone is willing to post.

    15 m trendline/supply line; If a trendline is formed on 15 min charts and 1 min charts , look for price action set up in direction of trend line .

    If a trendline is formed on 15 min charts and 1 min charts , look for price action retracement set up in direction of trend line

    Look for trades in direction of lwma 18 on 15 minutes

    Look for a stochastic cross on 15 min to confirm market entry (see image)

    Always place buy stop and sell stops below key support and resistance levels , even if indicators do not show early indications.They will show indications at those levels.

    Stop loss 12/20
    Target 1 18 pips / target 2 run your profits until up move is over
  2. The secret of using this method is to filter out entries against trend lines and key support and resistance.
  3. The sto really does not tell you anything that the price action does not. Simple trendline break and pullback. Oscillators cross all the time, and most mean nothing. FWIW.
  4. The OP is living in la la la land thinking stochastics got predictive value.
  5. lindq


    The first place to start is in throwing out all technical indicators and chart elements.

    Then go back to square one and define your strategy. What is your reason for entering a trade?

    I don't see it here. So spell it out in plain English.

    Are you looking to ride momentum? Are you buying into weakness?
    Are you trading gaps? Just what is it that you want to do....and WHY?

    If you don't know, and can't first define a clear logic as to what your strategy is, then you aren't yet ready to initiate any trades.
  6. Agreed , but is a useful tool to see the current market sentiment.It is an aid for noobs who can't read p/a.
  7. Stochastic is not predictive at all , it is historical information and on lower time frames tells about current market sentiment and the strength /weakness of buyers /sellers.
  8. WOW! OILY, one day your an expert telling everyone else they are losers and no one makes money trading but you then the next day your on here begging for help in learning to trade. How many personalities do you have anyway?
  9. In this game personality has to be flexible , it is the market which has different personalities and we are just adaptive to the market's changing personality.
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