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Discussion in 'Forex' started by saikiranray, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Hi

    Could any one suggest the Indicators (along with parameters) for Forex daytrading especially very short term (5-30mins). I have been trying to use EMA with RSI and find it okay but want to better it.

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  2. Hello Anyone?
  3. cvds16


    would like to help: problem is i use more or less the same, chart patterns on 0.30 s / 1 min / 5 min, combined with a EMA and RSI so this will probably not really help you any further.
  4. Hi cvds16

    What parameters do you use for the EMA i have tried 50,100,200 on a 30min. suggest

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  5. cvds16


    i only use 50 on the hourly chart to get me some idea of the general trend. The ema is not really that important for my trading.
  6. corvus


    What data feed do you use? Just your broker's charts/feed or ?
  7. cvds16


    i trade the futures and use oanda demo for cash quotes.
  8. corvus


    Interesting, thanks...
  9. nkhoi


    corvus I though forex broker provides free dealing platform for order entry.
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