Intraday Swing Trading

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  1. What exactly is intraday swing trading?

    How is intraday swing trading different from day trading?

  2. Did you just make that up:D
  3. It's not quite as risque as swinging intra-day trading.

    I think those terms are mutually exclusive as "swing" trading typically means holding from a few days to a few weeks. Perhaps this means adding/exiting swing positions using intraday techniques (basically multi-time frame trading)?
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    Well thats an oxymoron. Daytrading is never overnight and swing is always overnight, if not hitting the ET or SL during the first day.
  5. Could be a daytrade that evolves into a swing trade due to exceptional price action.

    Just a guess

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  6. I think there is a mix in terminologies/interpretations. These are two different ways of describing your trading approaches.

    "Swing" trading means you want to capture the majority of a price move. From "swing" to "swing". From pivot low to pivot high (vice versa). Though these price moves in many cases take multiple days to accomplish. Some take this as "swing trading" means taking and holding a position for a few days at a time, but no longer than a week or two. It is a popular interpretation. (If you would believe it Oliver Velez claimed that he helped popularized "swing trading". He said so in his seminars.)

    As for day trading, it just calls for the discipline of holding no overnight position. Before the trading day is out, you close out all your positions. How you trade can be anybody's guess. Scalp for 20 cents here and there or riding a few dollars' run intraday or joining a momentum break out/break down or pair trade or take the spreads.

    Intraday swing trading would just mean you take a short term view. You want to ride from the intraday pivot highs to pivot lows and not hold your position overnight.
  7. Thanks all for your comments.