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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Seanote, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. Seanote

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    13:32:48 MU SLD 2000 37.63
    10:19:28 MER BOT 1000 52.85
    10:05:01 SUNW BOT 5000 9.13 CLOSED
    10:00:58 CPN BOT 2000 11.4
    09:59:45 MLNM BOT 2000 22.6
    09:17:33 .SJXDT BOT 10 42.2 3-6-02
    11:25:03 SUNW SHRT 5000 8.91 3-6-02

    CLOSED P&L: $(2,340) OPEN P&L: $5,060

    UP-TO-DATE CLOSED P&L: $3,900
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  2. tampa


    I am reminded of the saying: Pride cometh before the fall.

    Ego trippers ALWYS end up looking foolish.
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  3. Seanote

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    Thank you Tampa for your insightful and profound thoughts. Happy trading!
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  4. ddefina


    He said he'd post his results each day? If his account's 300-400K thats not that big of return (1-2%).
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  5. Seanote

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    Stocks finished lower despite bullish comments from Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, better than expected 4Q productivity and positive news from the retail sector. This market makes perfect sense...doesn't it?
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  6. flea


    I suppose there was bound to be profit taking at some stage after the last four days Seanote.

    Good to see your posts, sorry to see you had a setback today but as we know thats all part of the game.

    I hope you can keep it up as I see you already have a couple of critics on your back.

    The only poster to keep his journals going is Hitman and he's got the hide of a Rhino, criticism and sarcasm just bounce of him

    Good trading

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  7. Jeffrey



    I am curious as to any average daily return for a day-trader versus a swing trader? I guess you would take a successful trader from a Prop firm, and a successful trader using a retail direct access account.

    Has somebody gathered records from a number of brokerage's(both pro and retail) providing us with statistics as to which strategy provides the better ROI? 1.5% per day on a 350k account would be over 1 million per year.

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  8. That deserves to be reprinted.

    Seanote - I'm with the others on the board in thanking you for posting.

    Don't let the salesman get you down - his insipid attempt at criticism along with the incessant self-promotion and the sheer volume of posts give a good indication of the weight that should be given to his commentary.
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  9. One of the hardest things to get into the head of a new trader is that we are Not looking for ROI. Our traders get paid for their time, abilities, and dedication. Imagine a guy making $5K on a day with $25K in his account...20% ROI per day...not! ROI is for passive investing, and can apply for the casual investor, but day traders and active swing traders get paid for their time at work. IMO
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  10. Seanote

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    Regarding you comment on my 1-2% returns vs. my 300-400K equity.......Do you have a job where average $4K a day and work for yourself??? If so, I would love to know what it is you do. Secondly, I don't average 2% return daily...I wish, but I don't. I do well enough to live extremely comfortable and have positioned myself so that I can afford a bad YEAR....and still be in the game. I have diversified my net worth outside of the market so I will never loose it all. I would love to tell you how old I am but I'm going to live that alone for now. Do you realize how jaded you are to make a comment like that? 2% return daily??????? Are you kidding me? How has your 401K performed on % basis over the last year. I will venture to say averaging 1% daily return on my equity compounded as my BP and equity increase would outperform monetarily any investment vehicle you can find. There are 252 trading days per year of which I miss on average 40 due to vacation or days that aren't tradeable. That leave 212 trading days producing on average 1% of my can do the math. Here's a quote for you straight from my book......"Wealth is accumulated by hitting singles, not home runs" which has proven true to me time and time again over the last 4 years. I was a cocky trader when I first started and had account fluctuations of 20% - 50% daily...You can guess what eventually happened. With 5K left I closed my account and emersed myself in books, software, and DEMO trading for the next 6 months. I re-grouped and began trading other people's accounts with a new outlook on this "job" and was successful enough to go back out on my own because I learned discipline. I have finally positioned myself where I want to be financially and have a full understanding that I might not be doing this the rest of my life, but if the game wins I will still have cashed enough chips to walk out a winner.
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