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  1. you sound offly familiar to another member,
    anyways, glad to see someone else has the gumption to post their exposure and results.

    you probably hold positions instead of squaring at/before EOD. would you find if more beneficial to trade within the day (not to be confused with daytrading) and paying no ticket charge, only $.01 per share or less?

    oh, that's not an offer, just an inquiry
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  2. Seanote

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    I'm still the same member as before.

    As I mentioned in a few posts from way back, I am swing trader the majority of the time unless a particluar intraday market condition warrants daytrading, then I will trade both styles. I'd say about 5% of my trades are daytrades:)
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    Have you moved to another thread??? If so how do I get there?

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    Yes... New thread is "Trading Journal - May" I will start a new thread each month and update my MTD and YTD on each. Thanks.
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  5. The idea of this thread is good.
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