Intraday SPY Journal

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  1. intraday spy journal. Newbie to daytrading here, just trying to keep a log. I'll just post live calls as I see em, trading off price/volume. Might curse here and there if shit ain't going my way. Welcome to comments.
  2. looking for volume at 99.70
  3. martymjp


    Good luck and look forward to your journal!
  4. volume at 99.90, selling
  5. out at 99.81, more volume here
  6. gonna change it to trading ES, but I'm going off of spy charts cause my volume is fucked up on ES charts...weird i know, but the same shit.
  7. looking for abnormal volume again at either 99.90 or 99.70. market has a bearish bias, so abnormal vol at 99.70 might push it lower, dunno, just doing what i do
  8. volume at 99.82 spy
  9. shit alrdy ran up to 99.90 no chance to get in, i take too long to type

    more volume here 99.85 no idea whats going on sitting out til some direction
  10. this hoe stuck in the 99.80s on volume, somebody do something
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