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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jmiles301, May 21, 2006.

  1. Anyone aware of an intraday screener that has the ability to locate specific chart formations (triangles, flags, pennants) on 3 and 5 min intervals? I've been using Trade-Ideas for a while, and even though it has a "feature" similar to this, I haven't had much success with it. Any ideas?


  2. jm,

    What problems are you having maybe I can help?
  3. well, basically, Trade-Ideas is great for other screens and I have close to 20 + others that I use, but when it comes to finding the chart patterns, I have never found it to be reliable. That's why I'm in search of possibly another similar program that can find these formation setups with a high level of quality.

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  4. Remember that TI takes volume and volatility into account when looking at the pattern. It is possible to see an alert and look at a chart and not exactly see it, but if you look under the skirt it should be there. I use on of their preconfigured scans based on patterns and it works pretty well you may want to check it out since you are cutomer aslo.
  5. i'll take another look...
  6. What exactly does this scan do?
  7. This scan finds stocks that are at a decent support level. It is filtered pretty tight for strength. Nothing on it today yet.