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  1. Hi everybody

    I am lost and need HELP!

    I am about to start daytrading and I am looking for an intraday scanner and don't know where to start looking. I have no realtick account or anything. What do you recommend? Price is ímportant as well as speed.

    THANX for your time
  2. vitajex


    You might try the eSignal market scanner,
    which is browser based. I've never used
    it, but I've heard some good things.

    Depending on the options, it costs between $49 and
    $79/mo if you're not an eSignal data subscriber, less
    if you are.

    It includes premarket scans, new highs and lows,
    and sector scans. The more expensive model
    includes something called a "rally scan".

    Many quote providers, direct access brokers,
    and some online brokers also offer access to intraday
    scans and hot lists.


  3. vitajex,

    Does e-signal do basket trading? I am new to these boards, and looking for someone that can help me find a good basket trading software program.


  4. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    it seems you do basket posting too ! :)

    just kidding, could not resist... lol
  5. Try First Alert, very good filtering package. Most of the traders at Bright trading and ECHOtrade use it for quotes, charts, and filters.

    Here's something pretty cool too. First Alert is coming out with some kind of an add-on module that will send trades for you based on the real-time filters you specify. No one's seen it yet, but sounds cool. Here's the link:

  6. Babak


    how much is neovest FA?

    couldn't find it on their web site. Usually means that its a lot!!

  7. NKNY



    If you are looking for a program that will allow you to enter multiple positions at once I think a newer version of realtick might have this option.

    I'm not sure but I remember reading this somewhere....

    I not sure if it was realtick, but it seems to be the preferred platform....

    I believe my track had something like this also...

    Again I'm not sure I'm just trying to give you some leads........

  8. Grabbit


  9. Thanks Grabbit

    The Scanner in TC2000 doesnt work with realtime data. Otherwise I like TC2000. Simple and good value for money!

  10. Babak


    Apparently, RealTick will be finally integrating its recent purchase of into its data feed.

    Hottrend is a filter for unusual activity in trading (real time).
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