Intraday Scalping Strategies

Discussion in 'Trading' started by LeesonTrader, Jul 8, 2002.

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    I was wondering what strategies you intraday scalpers use. I am referring to very short period trades.

    Personally I watch the E mini Naz futures and the E mini S&Ps, and of course the L2. TA is hard to do on such a time frame. Does anyone out there trader contrarian style?

    Often a futures rip, and stock rip will bounce back a couple of cents....I mostly trade SUNW.
  2. why sunw? it's a five dollar stock that is super thick. are you immediately re bidding or offering the stock. Do you use a lot of invisible orders.

    also what trading platform do you use.

    haven't scalped in a while.

    just curious.

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    SUNW is pretty good because it follows the futures well and offers potential for ECN rebates too. I usually hide ISLD or use INCA when bidding or offering. CSCO also works well.
    Sometimes I immediately rebid or offer, but on big moves retailing in and offering out is important to do.
  4. I just watch and pounce. sometimes i fade. sometimes i chase.

    Risk Factor: I trade listed.
  5. Gordon Gekko, George Soros and now Nick Lesson. Wow!You never know who will show up here.
  6. prolly jesse livermore.
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    Today for a while SUNW did the exact opposite of the 2 futures I mentioned earlier. What generally makes a stock do this other than large institutional orders?
  8. People.
  9. just kidding...

    i never get concerned when my naz stocks diverge from the futures. normally it just means that the stock is at sup/resistance or is oversold/overbought.
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    tape reading is king for listed scalping.....i guess the most obvious is detecting a market short seller with size and front running him until he starts getting taken. This is the gravy for a lot of scalpers i ever, these are quick opportunities with all the vultures canvassing the same carcass so you have to be quick....they love those nx orders
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