Intraday RSI

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  1. Hi, Does anyone know any software that has the ability to scan through stocks and give alerts based on RSI on an intraday basis?
    Right now I use Bloomberg SSEOMS and they have RSI at the bottom of my 1 min 1 day charts which is very helpful but they do not have the ability to scan all stocks and alert on intraday RSI. I just want to find some software that will scan all US stocks and give alerts when intraday RSI is above 80 and below 20. Any input would be appreciated. NOTE this is intraday, I'm aware of all the alerting software that alerts you over a 14 day period. I would like my periods to be 14 1 min periods..
  2. HighImAbattia

    NinjaTrader ( + intraday data provider (see NinjaTrader list of data partners)

    ... I'm sure there are others, too ...