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  1. Does anyone know how I can scan intraday for stocks making an outside bar in the 1 minute 5 minute or 10 minute time frames -- any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU
  2. I think TRADESTATION has this capability...
  3. Trade-ideas doesn't have that
  4. Bob111


    outside of what?
  5. Outside bar means current bar (which will be closed any moment) covers up previous bar from it's low-to-high range.

    { The IntrabarOrderGeneration attribute is set to false in this strategy because strategy calculations depend on end-of-bar prices. Specifically, end of bar high, low, and close prices are used in this strategy to identify an "outside bar". }

    [IntrabarOrderGeneration = false]
    if High > High[1] and Low < Low[1] and Close > Open then
    Buy ( "OutBarLE" ) next bar at market ;
  6. Not sure if you're typing out a code for tradestation or something but it looks like you're setting it to buy. I don't buy off outside bars I just want to be alerted when an outside bar occurs.
  7. If you need just to be alarted then:

    [IntrabarOrderGeneration = false]
    if High > High[1] and Low < Low[1] and Close > Open then alert=true;

    The Whole bold parts are code for outside bar pattern, and red part decides if it's bullish or bearish outside bar, in above case it's bullish.
  8. Thank you very much -- just to clarify -- this is for tradestation, right?
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