Intraday or long term

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  1. If the intraday is so profitable, because intraday traders are not richer than Warren Buffett
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  2. ??? Vat???
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  3. Times


    As warren buffet says, "there is no called strikes"

    However, intraday trader by definition has strikes as to be an intraday trader you must trade intraday :D

    I sometimes trade intraday but I also have long term positions.

    I will say this tho, Warren Buffet started at 11 and become a millionaire at 30. That is 19 years. Not bad. But if the goat took that long via his long term strategy imagine how long the average person will take.


    You can find intraday speculators become millionaires less than 10 years, now granted, 99% won't reach that and as far as I can tell 100% ain't a billionaire lol

    So choose whatever risk and reward fits you
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  4. Craig66


    An Escher print of a sentence.
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  5. 10_bagger


    Most will not be able to trade intraday profitably but if you can, why stop at one? Why can't you do both? Trade to accumulate your wealth faster and then invest it longer term to let it compound tax free. That is until you sell it of course.
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  6. padutrader


    do not know why

    but i know i will do it....
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  7. dozu888


    intraday only makes sense if the direction is so certain for the day and you can leverage up and make a killing... that maybe account for 10% of all the days max...

    the other 95% of the days it's mostly random... waste of time to trade intraday.... don't listen to the vendors - "look these things move every day, so many opportunities".... doesn't matter, the waves in the ocean move every day, but you can't take advantage if they are random.
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  8. padutrader


    that is a big IF
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  9. yes u can trade random, i do every day in forex, just use a grid
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    do you think i can make 85 % in 5 days.... if markets are random
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