Intraday Options Volume site?

Discussion in 'Options' started by roncer, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. roncer


    Yeah........ I am looking for a decent site that posts intraday SPY

    Options volume.

    The Street . com use to have it but it vanished from the regular

    site some months back.

    Help appreciated.
  2. Tums


    If you trade options, your broker should have this information. Why do you need a website?
  3. roncer


    A good site can be much, much faster and easier. Obviousely you

    have not experienced both.
  4. Tums


    no I have not.
  5. MTE


    Faster and easier!?

    What can be easier than typing in a ticker and instantly getting the volume for each option in the chains!?

    Also what's faster than real-time feed?

    Unless, of course, you are looking for some specific data and/or format of data, not just plain voume.
  6. i would be interested in this too.
  7. Raver


  8. What exactly do you want to learn from the volume?
  9. roncer



    That's helpful ...............thanks.

    Ron :D
  10. The problem with options volumes is you dont get to know who initiated the trade and if they were opening or closing on which side so that data can be very missleading.
    #10     Jun 16, 2008