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  1. I use marketpulse(cbs), smartmoney, cnet(sectors), and bloomie...

    What are some of yours?????:)
  2. Dow Jones.

    Everything else is second best.
  3. Hasn't CNBC turned into a pos? It's almost as if they were told to stop reporting anything market moving because it was ruining the plans of the boyz.

    Or am I giving them too much credit?
  4. Dow Jones



    On Wednesday they reported "breaking news" about Larry Ellison's comments regarding ORACLE. This news was out on Bloomberg, Dow Jones, First Call, and numerous other newswires 25 MINUTES earlier. Even worse, they interviewed Art Cashin from the floor in the middle of a furious rally and NO ONE had any idea why the futures were spiking.
    What a joke.
  6. bloomberg has become the best in the last couple years. has consistently beaten dow jones all day long.
  7. Ebo


    CNBC has turned into a carnival.
    Not complaining, but how value added were The Miss Universe contestants? They babble about nonsense right when economic indicators are being released. I agree they are not timely, and Bloomberg has usually released the info minutes before these puppetheads stop there useless chit cat.
  8. That's funny :D :D :D
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