Intraday martingale with futures

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    If you know the most likely intraday trend, does it work to use the martingale system? (only once, not all day)
    Have they tried it?
    It's a good idea?
  2. stop taking mushrooms.
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    Stop saying nonsense
  4. Yes
  5. TTT


    I have won 5 days in a row and I am surprised that it is so effective.
    I have found the holy grail!
  6. yeah it works, I have algo coded for it.. mine seeks to capture trend instead of mean reversion. You need a filter to run it, like .. when vix is above set value, turn on.
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    Ive done it too. You need to be very strict about honoring your uncle point.

    One loss can wipeout a weeks work.
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    Never trade that way in Futures. If anything, add to winners following a trend so do the opposite.

    Go look for the "Trade it Don't Date It" videos on YT. Eventually, you get a $1.3 Million smackdown that ends your seemingly impossible run! LOL!
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    Trading in a small zone of price in the direction of the trend is workable with defined money management. I think FX is the best market to do this since you can also work hedge trades between your original direction entry levels (making money in both directions while in the trade). Trading this approach works exceptional in FX with automated money management.
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    Found it!

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