Intraday Market Profile / Volume distribution

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  1. Much is spoken about MP on a daily basis but it would be interesting to discuss the intraday application.

    For example on say 10 minute charts, if the price is rising you may want to see the POC rise in tandem before a trend can be declared.
    Conversely if the POC is rising and the price is stalling, then the accumulating delta may hold the clue to direction.
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    I have to say that adding certain Value Area plays in to my existing intraday signals has improved my trading success rate & overall confidence in getting on the right side of the market, more often than not.


  3. Care to expand on these comments?
  4. Not exactly MP but pretty close. Blue bands surround 70% of traded volume. Black line is VWAP. 50 "IB tick" chart. If you look carefully at the plot labelled order book size, you will see increased 'interest' at many of the marked points.
  5. The down day shows one possible use for intraday volume distribution. 85% of volume lies above the blue line - similar to MP lower value area. Resistance at this level is typical of strongly trending days (or support at UVA in uptrend).
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    What does it look like intraday - 1-5 min?