Intraday margins back again at IB

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  1. FYI

    I just noticed tonight that intraday margins were back for some of the asian indexes I trade, so I check IB's website and found the following announcement:

    "Due to the large differences in volatilities and liquidity in futures contracts, and in light of the unusual general market volatility, IB has temporarily suspended intraday margin reductions in certain classes of contracts, notably commodity sectors. Intraday reductions have been re-enabled for most index, debt, money-market, currency, and the most liquid commodity contracts. Please see below for the full list."

    I realize some people don't care about this and think intraday margins are for losers, but I thought others may be excited to hear this. Maybe IB can keep its finger off the trigger for a while now.
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    Good to know :)
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    I don't see this. On announcements page most recents were only about MLK holiday and tax reporting. Was this on main US page or other?
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  5. No intraday on Kospi??
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    They just have to update the main margin listing page to reflect that.

    On another note, now the challenge is to figure out what new VIX threshold will trigger suspension again.

    My guess is +65.
  7. Intraday back for European futures!!

    About time.

    I dont mind high margin when the markets are volatile because i cut back my size. But for the last month the markets have not been volatile and i have wanted to increase my size by 30% (but no where near double) and couldnt do that.
  8. They never provided intraday margins on Kospi before - but now that it's tradeable by US customers they may change that policy.
  9. This morning's gap down reminded me that the last time they lifted the intraday margin ban, it was right before volatility spiked again last fall. It will be interesting to see if it happens again.
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    It seems "they" are always behind the curve.
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