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  1. For those trading the e-mini's --- what does your firm require for intraday margin ?? thanks
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    The CME Intraday Margin on Nasdaq100 E Minis is $1650/contract and $1850/contract for S & P 500 E minis.
    This is for Intraday and it is higher to hold positions overnight.
    What broker is it $1000?

    Where do you people get this random information from?
  4. I noticed that Global Futures only requires 500.00 for an intraday ES. You can actually open 4 contracts with the same 2 Large that buys you one at IB.

    How the hell do they manage that? I thought intraday margins were minimums set by the CME and that the brokers can only raise them if desired.
  5. The numbers you are talking about are overnight maintenance margins. I don't know what the rules are for intraday.

    There are several brokers offering $500 intraday margins on eminis. Advanced Futures is one.

    Personally I think it's crazy to trade like that. I trade with 5k per contract. Remember May 1st when the freaking GLOBEX went down?
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    LOL. Where do *YOU* get your random information from? The CME doesn't have "intraday" margins - only overnight and maintenance.

    Intraday margins can be whatever your broker wants them to be - since they are only valid on positions that are closed out before the close, and thus not reported to the CME.
  7. The day according to the CME for the ES is 15:45cst-the next day at 15:15cst.

    So technically day trading margins should turn into overnight margins based on passing into the next session....not the light of the moon!

    The problem is......these smaller firms do not have an overnight desk of "their own" to monitor so-called "evening session margins". So to solve the dilemma they just call it intraday on the RTH session. (RTH = 8:30cst-15:15cst)

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  8. do u guys know of any prop firms that do forward margin? Meaning u put up something like 20K and they give u 10 to 1 or 20 to 1, meaning u will trade with 200K or 400K????? U guys know any firms that do that, not even prop firms, but any firm for e-minis?????
  9. are thinking like a stock trader. Margins are really performance bonds with futures. Future are already leveraged....and I would not be surprised if the CME does not define and tighten up the reg's on "daytrading margins" soon. Just wait for the continuing exodus of novices to futures because of the new tax law.....then they write to congress when they lose their money. At least the last exodus of the PDT traders to futures were a more experienced group.

    Michael B.
  10. I agree that it's trading suicide to trade es or nq with a $500 margin.

    In fact I still think that $5000 per contract isn't enough ... if you want to obey the rules of risk management that many pros live by.
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