Intraday margin and Ninja Trader MIRUS

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Christina, May 22, 2009.

  1. Christina


    Hi guys! I am thinking to to trade index futures with Mirus. If someone has any experience with them, please tell me:

    1. The free Ninja Trader platform, I know it is limited but could I trade using Static DOM using stop order to enter with immediate protective stop?

    2. They have $500 Intraday Margin. What happens if I didn't close the position before market close and I don't have enough funds for overnight margin. Will they close it automatically, if yes then how and at what time?

    I will not use autotrade or any other complicated orders, all I want is Static DOM, entering with stop with simultaneous protective stop.

    Thank you :)
  2. spd


    Ninja Trader cost money when you trade live, only free in simulation mode. But yes it will do what you want it to do.
  3. Dominic


    I believe that the ATM features are not available on the free NT version, yet you can enter in manually stop loss orders; the DOM is available on the free version.

    I went through AMP and, not Mirus, and if I was holding a postion it would be closed out at 4:10 eastern, or approx 5 minutes before ES closed; yet you could enter in a position again after the 4:30 open if you didt have the full cash value in account.

    Hope that helps.
  4. lakai


    Happened to me once, I was short 20 contracts into the close. I got a margin call and they simply told me that if I wanted to hold the positions, I would need to wire them enough to meet the maintainence margin in two days.

    When the globex session opened up 30 mins later I close my position, no big deal.
  5. When you open an account with Mirus they give you a live Ninja liscense for free. I am looking at them as well :D
  6. Truff


    NinjaTrader with Zen Fire is NOT FEE. Any broker that tells you that is deceiving you. The zen fire data feed is very expensive and built into the commissions. The catch is that the data expense caps out, so when you go over a certain volume the broker makes more. You get a free license, thats true, BUT its a watered down version of Ninja. You cant place any trailing stops or even a simple bracket order unless you get license from ninja directly. So be careful when you compare to tother feeds like TT
  7. This is interesting because I'm looking at both Mirus and Amp to trade on EUREX, LIFFE and CME. They have provided competitive commission quotes and apparently there are no platform fees, no data fees. Is this correct? Or are they basically saying they don't charge platform fees, but Ninja will? I've read the previous posts, so basically you can use the DOM for free, but just can't place trailing stops...? Would it be possible to confirm the pricing structure. cheers
  8. $4 per round trip is expensive?
  9. Mirus led me to believe that full live ninja was free if you trade with them.
    We'll that's not true. Just use of DOM to place orders. :mad:
  10. DonKee


    I believe you're on your own with Ninja. You can use the free version for charting etc, but if you want to use all of their options, you must pay for the "live" version.

    So Ninja is free for Mirus cutomers and everyone else.

    Look at it this way....if you only do a few thousand RT's during the first year (10 cars per day), you're paying an extra 50 cents per RT for Ninja. After that first year, no more payments.
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