Intraday INDU Signals

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    Target is to net a lot of points based on a one minute INDU Chart.
    Learn the Index behavior and participate.

    First signal:

    Up @ 8180
    Initial Stop @ 8150

    (chart attached)
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    Signal triggered UP

    move stop to 8160
  3. You sharing the graphical representation of the signal with us?
  4. gg12


    Attached the graphical presentation
  5. You can't trade INDU. Use YM or ES charts if you want to do something useful.

    BTW you were stopped out on your "trade".
  6. Thanks, very nice! Very classical. You trading YM?
  7. gg12


    stopped out @ 8160
    -20 points

    Next signal:

    Next signal:
    DOWN @ 8140
    Initial STOP @ 8170
  9. I suggest you include the time axis the next time you post a chart. Trading is a spectator sport here, and we'd like to see it all. Thanks. The arena always needs fresh blood.
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    I would prefer trading YM over ES because moving to trading futures it means to enter STOP MARKET. Relativ slippage should be lower on YM compared to ES.

    INDU is my trigger line and not a tradable instrument.

    Currently I have positions in DJX options.
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