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  1. Lorenzo


    The unusual values of the MACD are derived from my own research on this indicator

    I 've tried to find a leading indicator for years and the MACD is one the best IMHO

    The MACD shows very well:

    - Divergences
    - Trend
    - Strength of trend
    - Turning points

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  2. Macd always looks fantastic in hindsight. It points out every turning point, but I have yet to see anyone trade a macd crossover for any length of time and make consistent money with it. Not saying it cant be done, just that I havent seen it. I would like to see someone do it realtime.
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  3. I agree MACD and many other indicators look good with EOD data.

    More power a trader that can use it real time.
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  4. cnms2


    I see the MACD as a band-pass filter, so I correlate its parameters with the time frame and the price's natural waves. I'm also looking at divergences for confirmation, but they don't tell me if a retracement or reverse is coming, and what's its magnitude.

    I'll be watching your choice of MACD parameters. Thanks.
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  5. Schaefer


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  6. He must have changed his methods since I watched him but if anyone could do it he probably could. Where is he hanging out these days?
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  7. MACD works good if you combine some other indicators with it. It works great on range days but you get a trend day and you will get a lot of fake signals.
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  8. drew4784


    i find that MACD works best when there is a defined trend, either upward or downward. When there is a tight range, I see a lot of false signals
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  9. I had the same experience with MACD.
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  10. Schaefer


    Last time he posted he had gotten himself a nice business proposition and it was the reason that he had to pull the charts and end the journal. He's a good man, I learned how to use MACD in real time through his journal.
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